Happy Birthday Daughter Wishes Messages & Inspirational Quotes

Happy Birthday Daughter
                                                                                    Happy Birthday Daughter

Daughter is mother’s joy, father’s princess, who at any age remains the most beloved, the most loving girl. Do you want to entertain your dearest daughter on her birthday? and want happy birthday daughter wishes or inspirational quotes for her motivation. We have the best birthday wishes for daughter from Mom & Dad. which you can use on the occasion of your daughter birthday to please her. The birthday of a daughter will always be an extremely important event in parents life! Mom and Dad always remember with fondness the day when their baby was born. And on daughter birthday they want to wish their daughter with warm and sincere words. The daughter’s birthday is always a very important holiday for every parent.

On these days parents want to please their Daughter with happy birthday daughter messages and every little thing, and even more so, they want to congratulate him on the most appropriate way. In this case, you just need to know how to write birthday wishes for daughter’s birthday, and what to look for in this case. children are very fond of when there is joy, jokes, fun reigns and laughter. Then they feel calm, confident, even adult, laughter is used as a prevention of stress and depression. And especially to children, the more sensitive girlish natures, it is necessary to smile more often and to appear in conditions of pleasure and happiness. Very nice birthday greetings for Daughter on her birthday can bring a good mood and together with good wishes and gifts will create a festive atmosphere.

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How do you want to be the first to congratulate your daughter on her birthday, with your wishes to protect her from any troubles and diseases, so that she always will happy. Our birthday wishes for daughter will help you in this because they are chosen the most sincere, kind and loving words of wishes. Even if there is a huge distance between you that does not allow you personally to congratulate your daughter, you can send her a kind letter in the form of a birthday card, messages or SMS that will cover her up with the warmth of parental care.

Happy Birthday Daughter Wishes

Happy Birthday Daughter Wishes

  • Happy birthday daughter. No matter how much you are performed, you are still always small and the same beloved and dear to me. I want to wish all the best to you: health, beauty, luck, wisdom, and happiness. Although this list can be continued indefinitely. I also really want you to achieve all your goals, and all your dreams come true. Congratulations!
  • Dear daughter, today is the most important day in my life – the day of your birth. Your birth was a real gift of destiny for me. And today I want to wish you only the best. May your eyes shine with happiness because for me your well-being is more important than anything in the world. Happy birthday, my joy!
  • My dear daughter! I congratulate you on your birthday! You again grew for a year, became very beautiful and independent. I wish you, my dear, good health, supernatural happiness, prosperity and unexpected good luck. May your life be filled with bright colors, unforgettable sensations, colorful memories and only positive emotions. May you become self-sufficient and successful. And may on your way of life you meet only true friends and kind people, and troubles, problems and bad weather pass easily.

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  • My dear, quite a grown-up babe! You so quickly become an independent, truly beautiful girl, sensitive, sincere and kind person. Every day, every minute I do not get tired of thanking God for sending me you. Happy birthday, dear! I wish you happiness, goodness, peace, light, joy, smiles, health, inspiration, interest, warmth, energy and fulfilled desires! Happy birthday daughter.
  • Dear daughter, happy birthday! Be the happiest, but do not be afraid to be disappointed and confused. Always believe in the best, in yourself, in people, in miracles. Trust your heart and feelings. Do not allow circumstances to influence the attitude, mood, kindness of the soul. Love and be loved. Shine, shine, take care of yourself.
  • Happy birthday to my daughter, dearest daughter, gentle flower! Congratulations on the happiest day of our life – your birthday! You are our pride, love, and beauty! Be always healthy, warmly loved, cheerful, smiling, strong and bold for joy close and evil far away! We love you very much!
  • Dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday, joy, my pride, my hope and success, I wish you to remain strong with all my heart, never to be influenced by negative factors of life, to be confident in yourself and in your principles, to give your loved ones a smile and love, to enjoy your gentle breathing of nature and bright feelings of loved ones.
  • Dear daughter! My sweetheart, I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the day that made me the happiest person, because I had you! I wish you to be open and kind to other people, to enjoy every moment lived and laugh more! I love you very much and will always be there!
  • Light of my soul, little daughter! I want to congratulate my little princess on her birthday! May in your destiny never there are sad and unsuccessful moments, May happiness be for you everywhere! And for me, you are always my baby, my little angel and I love you!
  • Dearest daughter! I remember your first birthday as if it was yesterday when you were a small ball of joy and happiness for us, parents. Today we have an almost entirely grown-up girl who takes the first steps on her own way of life. Of course, we are not going to lead you by the hand as a few years ago, but know that behind your back there is always reliable support in the person of loving parents.
  • Dear daughter, happy birthday to you! May in your life will be as many lights, happy days. Love and be loved. I wish you happiness, my sweetheart! I want you to get everything you want. I wish you security, goodness, settlement, prosperity, luck, harmony, creativity, peace and wonderful impressions!
  • My baby, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you to be healthy and happiest. Stay always the beauty queen, and whatever happens, be on top. Be always so sweet, smart and kind. I wish that your dreams and secret desires always come true.
  • Daughter, May happiness, health, joy, success, and luck in your life be as immense and limitless as my love for you. You are the best Daughter that I have, and I wish you the best that is on the Earth, Happy Birthday Daughter.
  • Daughter, I want to make all the brightest dreams come true on your birthday! I wish you to be happy, beloved and unlimitedly successful! May your days be filled with the warmth of your loved ones. May good surround you and protect you from all that is bad. May your young heart be filled with joy!
  • Dear daughter! If you only knew how proud I am that you grew up such a beautiful, intelligent and interesting girl! If you could only imagine how nice it is for me to see in you my features and observe how you grow up. Therefore, on this day I wish you never to disappoint your heart and, in the end, to get from life all the best that you can!
  • Our joy, beloved daughter, we congratulate on your birthday. You, like a bright ray of inspiration, illuminate our lives and may it always be so. We wish you to be happy and inspired by a wonderful dream. May only merry memories remain from the past, may in the future you will have a lot of luck, may your present be an amazing and wonderful time in your life.
  • Dear daughter! Dear, we congratulate you on your birthday. You are a bright flower that decorates our house. May there be no dark stripes in your life, may everything shine and sparkle with bright colors and emotions. Be the happiest, my dear girl!

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  • My dear and dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. May your heart never know the pain, may the soul enjoy the bright colors of life and happy moments, may this world give you only positive emotions and pleasant mood for every day.
  • My dear daughter, my joy, I congratulate you on your birthday. May your life be beautiful and kind, may all your dreams be fulfilled, may it be happy and bright every day, may your initiatives please with success and high results.
  • Happy birthday daughter! Our treasure and our light ray! For parents, there is no gift better than such a wonderful daughter. We wish that your most secret desires and dreams become a reality, and we will do our best to facilitate this. Happy holiday, our girl.

Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes

Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes

  • Dear daughter, our beloved! We hug you, kiss you and sincerely wish you happiness. You brought so much joy, smiles, beauty, and kindness into our lives. So may all this in your life come back with a double payoff, Happy Birthday Daughter!
  • My dear daughter, happy birthday. Always remain the same sweet, sunny, gentle, kind and beautiful! I want to wish you health, cloudless happiness, peace in the family, love, real prosperity and fulfillment of all your desires!
  • Dearest daughter, honey! Congratulations on your birthday may fate give you luck, energy, inspiration, health, and strength. Whatever you do, may it be realized successfully, to your pleasure and happiness. I love you, my good.

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  • My beloved daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you were incredibly happy, loved, beautiful, healthy, rich. May in your life there are the most amazing events, bringing pleasure, inspiration, and strength!
  • Beautiful, sweet and unique daughter, happy birthday! I wish you never to lose heart and not to fall into depression, firmly believe in yourself and confidently go to your goals. Be happy, dear, beloved, healthy, rich inside and financially. Good luck to you, daughter, and all the best.
  • My daughter, I wish you the fulfillment of all your desires. May all your life around you will be only honest, reliable and clean people. I wish you to find a simple woman’s happiness. May your soul remain pure until the deepest old age. I wish you great opportunities, great victories, and an interesting life, Happy birthday daughter.
  • Happy birthday, daughter. Be happy, dear. May the powers of the earth provide stability under your feet and self-confidence, even if the waters of the world wash your sadness and sadness in your path, may the burning flame glow with the bright light of love, may the air of happiness and prosperity flow in your life.
  • Dear little daughter, I congratulate you with great joy on the happiest day of the year – the day of your birth! I wish you the fulfillment of the cherished dream, mutual and true love, inner sense of harmony and peace with you, interesting meetings and acquaintances, travel around the world, new hobbies and emotions.
  • Dearest daughter! I congratulate you on your birthday, I hug you warmly and whole-heartedly kiss you, my dear child. If you knew how deep my love for you is, how much more than the best I want to wish for. Not a single word can express my trembling parent feeling, which I wish to know also for you. With all my heart, I want you to grow the same smart, sympathetic, beautiful girl that you are now, my baby!
  • Dear daughter, I sincerely congratulate you and I want to wish you not to turn from life’s path and not to turn off the path of happiness and luck, aim for your goals and dreams, believe in yourself and give joy to your relatives, to remain wildly beautiful and sincerely kind.
  • Dear daughter, we congratulate you on your birthday! We wish you bright and colorful days, dizzying events, fulfillment of the most cherished desires, optimism, pleasant discoveries, amazing surprises and excellent news. Real and sincere feelings, wonderful meetings and the happiest moments!
  • Daughter, princess, fairy, my queen! I congratulate you, with one more magical Birthday! I wish you, my glorious and good girl, bright and cheerful moments in life, to find sincere and loyal friends. May the childhood bright palette leave a trace in your memory.
  • Dear daughter, happy birthday! May today your friends and relatives please you, may unforgettable impressions and bright emotions make this day happy. Be always healthy, cheerful and beautiful.
  • My beautiful daughter, not only today but I always want you to be happy and loved. But, on your birthday, I want to add wishes of bright dreams and fulfillment of cherished desires, open horizons of success and the pleasant surprise of your soul in every day.
  • My little blood, happy holiday! May this day bring a lot of pleasant impressions, sales desires and new roads! And we, your parents, will always support you and help you. Happy birthday daughter!
  • Happy birthday daughter! I want you to always have a goal in life and strive for it. I would like your eyes to always shine, and the radiant smile pleased the look past passing. Daughter, be happy and successful! Realize yourself and please us with your successes.
  • My beautiful little daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you millions of joyful events, universal love, an ocean of prosperity and a mountain of achievements. Be always my best, most beautiful and most necessary girl. I wish you happiness, care, ease, and success!
  • My girl, may every year become for you an occasion to open yourself and your possibilities. Everything that you have in mind, is surely embodied in the life and gives you only positive emotions. Happy birthday daughter!

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  • My dear little girl! I do not get tired to thank the sky, for the fact that once it gave me you. My beauty, my clever girl. I want that in life you always had a good time. That you firmly and confidently went to your goals, with the support of relatives and friends. may your life path always is straight and level. And luck and happiness are always spread along this road with a soft carpet, Happy birthday daughter
  • Happy birthday, my daughter. You are always beautiful and shining, successful in your ideas and magnificent in any work. I wish you not to be ill either in the summer or in the winter, do not be sad either in the spring or in the autumn, do not get tired either in the morning or in the evening, do not give up your dream day or night. Be happy, daughter, and loved.

Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Parents

Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • Dear daughter, our joy, hope, and luck, we congratulate you on your birthday. We wish you, dear, good health and cheerful capabilities, faithful friends and great luck, endless beauty and kind heart, great successes, and creative achievements, revealing your talents and fabulous joy, self-confidence, and prosperity, Happy birthday daughter.
  • Dear, congratulations on your birthday! You are the most beloved, dear, darling girl! We wish you the very best! Health, sincere love, fulfillment of desires, loyal and trustworthy friends, great mood and always bright and happy eyes! Happiness to you, dear!

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  • Our princess, happy birthday! I want to wish that the world and people around you treat you with the same great love and care as we do. For us, you will always be a toddler who deserves the best good health, light, beautiful clothes and faithful friends, a peaceful sky, the embodiment of dreams. We wish you this and believe that it will be so!
  • Our daughter is a golden, happy birthday to you. We wish you to live under a peaceful sky and a clear sun. May your life be filled with happiness, joy, health, love and good luck. Daughter, may everything in life develops smoothly and easily, next to be good people and true friends. Happy birthday daughter
  • Dear daughter! I want to wish you happiness, luck, health on this holiday! So that love is always with you! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you everything that is bright and there is a lot of destiny!
  • Darling, my beloved daughter! I congratulate you on your birthday! Be cheerful, gentle and affectionate! I wish your happiness last forever so that the weight of your dreams come true, and your wishes come true! Grow us for joy!
  • I congratulate you on the chief holiday in your life, Happy Birthday! May you always be all right! Today you are one year older, one closer to adulthood! I wish you Health, happiness, family well-being, great love, and Longevity! Always please parents and learn well!
  • Dear daughter, when you smile, my heart is filled with light, and when you laugh, my soul is filled with bright light, your happiness will make my world beautiful and sparkling. I wish you happiness, your goodness, lo, e and warmth in everything.
  • Our dear daughter, a happy girl! We congratulate you on the Day of your birth! We wish your lips always laughed and the eyes shone with happiness so that the mood was good all year round, the joys is full of pants, and the wishes were fulfilled one by one! May your outfits be the most beautiful, and the braids the longest! Rejoice your mom and dad, be an obedient girl and get only good grades! Your loving parents.
  • I congratulate you on the main holiday in your life, Happy Birthday to my daughter! May you always be all right! Today you are one year older, one more year closer to adulthood! Health, happiness, family well-being, great love, and Longevity! Always please parents and learn well!
  • Our beloved daughter, from the bottom of the heart we congratulate you on your birthday. May all your desires be fulfilled today. May your image of affectionate and gentle fill with a dream. Be always so beautiful, gentle, kind, be healthy and happy, our dear daughter. May God grant good and reliable friends on your way. May the luck bird fly to you often. Grow healthy, smart, determined and bold. May the most beautiful love await you. All the best to you, prosperity and success.
  • Our charm, our beloved daughter. Today is the brightest holiday on earth – the day of your birth. From the bottom of our heart, accept the warmest wishes. Be always happy, and for a long time – please us with your beauty for a long time. Grow healthy and smart. May all sorrow and bad weather pass you by. May the path chosen by you be clear and direct. We wish you good, warmth, all the blessings that exist on earth. You look like a princess, Happy birthday daughter.
  • Our beloved daughter, today you celebrate your special holiday – birthday. May this day bring you much joy, may on your way there are only reliable friends. Live long – long and please us. May the bird of happiness frequently fly to you, it certainly brings good luck. May the road of life always be right. Be kind, gentle and confident. You are our joy, our pride, you are becoming more beautiful every day, our dear daughter. All the best to you, our dear.
  • Daughter, a delight of our eyes, you are the most precious thing that we have. You are our pride. By your beauty you enchant many, your angelic character makes us happy. On your wonderful holiday, accept the most sincere wishes. May you have a little, but all. May everything on your way is joyful and clear, may surely meet reliable friends, may the achievements is successful. We wish you good health and all the best. May fate gives you a generous gift. Be beautiful and desirable, may the most beautiful and strong love await you.

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  • Dear our daughter, today you have the most wonderful holiday – the birthday. You have grown hidden and become a real princess. We wholeheartedly congratulate you on your special holiday and wish you good health, much good luck in life and all the best. May the bird of happiness fly to you and give joy. May, the road was chosen by you, be direct and correct. We wish to meet you, my dear, beautiful love. May your hope, like a compass, always guide you along the right path, happy birthday to my daughter.
  • There is no more joy in the world than seeing you happy and healthy, our dear daughter. You are more beautiful than any beautiful flower. We are proud of you, our treasure. May your birthday gives you a wonderful mood, may the bird of happiness fly to you and give good luck. We wish you a lot of happiness, mutual beautiful love, and all the best in life. May you always surround only reliable friends, may all your dreams come true. May the Lord protect you from all troubles, Happy birthday daughter.

Inspirational Birthday Messages For Daughter

Inspirational Birthday Messages For Daughter

  • Happy birthday daughter, Honey. I wish you a bright road to dreams and desires, wonderful ideas and wonderful mood, good friends and sincere love of loved ones, happy holidays, and kind emotions.
  • Happy birthday, my dear daughter. May the ocean of your inspiration never empty, may the waves of happiness rise high waves, may there be no doubt in the lake of hope, may the sun of joy always shine on the island of love and the wind of affection. Daughter, be happy and always inspired by wonderful dreams.

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  • Dear daughter, happy birthday to you. I wish you, the sun, to shine like a bright star in the sky, to believe in a dream and strive for success, I wish to be always surrounded by happiness and love, confidently go ahead and conquer new peaks.
  • Happy birthday daughter. I wish to take to heart only the beautiful, I want to miss rude and insulting words, I want to enjoy the sweet moments of life every day, I want to remain as gentle, sympathetic, unique and extraordinary.
  • Happy birthday, my dear! I wish you supernatural female happiness. May all the suffering remain in the distant past, and the pleasant and the goodwill wait for you ahead. Be wise, charming, loyal, friendly. Everyday joy, understanding with family.
  • My daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you a wonderful atmosphere of love and good luck. Respects, beautiful love, care and much joy. Always strive for the best and achieve all that is desired. Have a good mood, a lot of great surprises and great happiness!
  • Daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. may you always be cheerful and energetic, inspired by something beautiful and self-confident. may sweet dreams and bright hopes lead you to the fulfillment of dreams, may a wonderful mood and great happiness for you give each new day.
  • My dear beloved daughter, my bright little angel! May your birthday all sparkle fun, laughter, the day will be filled with exciting and touching moments, and at every step, you are waiting for pleasant surprises. Be healthy, successful, loved by people around you.
  • This day of your birth, dear and beloved daughter, remained in memory, as the happiest and brightest! You grew up, became beautiful, kind, intelligent and very grown-up! I wish you beautiful sunrises and sunsets, endless spring in your heart! I wish you strength and good health! Love yourself and be ardently loved! Good friends to you, great successes and good luck in everything, for whatever you take!
  • Dear daughter, on this incredible day you came into the world and brought us extraordinary joy. We love and are proud of you because I cannot find a better daughter than you. Be a good girl, you’re lucky! Happy Birthday!
  • Dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you sunny days, pleasant little things, words of the warmest, huge special happiness. May all that you have thought come true, always a wonderful mood and joyful emotions, understanding of parents, caring for relatives and friends.
  • Dear daughter, when you smile, my heart is filled with light, and when you laugh, a bright light illuminates my soul. Your happiness will make my world beautiful and sparkling. I wish you happiness, my goodness, love, and warmth in everything.
  • My dear daughter, I want to feel every happiness in my body, I want to live with each passing minute of joy. Happy birthday, daughter. May there be no difficulties in your life, let instead of “sadly” always be “fun”, and instead of “boring” always “great” and “interesting.”
  • I want to wish my beloved daughter a happy birthday! So that your mother would wish you, of course, happiness. Health is excellent, your life should be successful in everything. I wish you luck and wisdom in all circumstances.
  • Dear daughter, happy birthday, congratulations! May in your life there will always be joy, happiness, and harmony! May all the plans come true and there is confidence in all matters. I wish rich progress improving your mood and happy life.
  • Dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. Honey, let everything be simple in business, even if everything is fine in life. I wish you a very high career, success and success in your work, blooming in the shower in the shower and unfading love in your heart.
  • Dear daughter, dear, I congratulate you on your birthday. May in your life after the departure of the fairy winter comes a kind spring of love and inspiration, and after that, may the summer come of unforgettable impressions and bright colors, and then may the fall of wonderful memories and magical creativity come. Be happy, daughter, always beautiful and cheerful.
  • Happy birthday daughter. I wish you Mondays success, Tuesday success, inspiration, Thursdays of luck, Fridays fun, Saturdays of bright entertainment and Sundays of cozy and loving embraces. And on all these days, be sure to be happy, my dear.
  • Daughter, on your birthday I want to wish that the stars of dreams in your sky never fade, that every day the sun of happiness on your way shines bright and brighter. Sweetheart, may all rivers and oceans be washed by the waves of luck of the shore of your life, may not a drop of sadness be in your sea.
  • Dear daughter, happy birthday to you. I want to wish a good life and joyful notes of happiness. May all the weather please your soul, may it turn into a story every day from a series of miracles and magic.
  • My beloved doll! My daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday! May all your desires are fulfilled and there will be a lot of happiness, delight, and love, joyful days and successes, strong health, good friends, pleasant trips.
  • Dear daughter, happy birthday to you. Honey, I wish that you always remained happy and strongly loved. May life give you many chances of randomness, brilliant ideas, cheerful emotions, bright moments and joyful events.
  • My dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. May it be hot and heartfelt always on your heart, may it be calm and fun in your soul, may there always be a feeling of beauty and freedom, may you be filled with feelings of happiness and bright love.
  • My dear and beloved daughter! I sincerely want to congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish you light and good, warmth and comfort. So that you will never be upset, but only celebrate your success. Stay always so sweet and charming. And be sure to listen to your mother.
  • Daughter, how fast you grow! I want the music in your soul to always be on the PLAY button, nagging enemies – in a silent mode, and ambitions never stood on a pause.
  • Happy Birthday Daughter I wish pleasant moments that do not make you wait, and unpleasant ones disappear without a trace. May your life be filled with surprises, smiles, and inspiration.

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  • My dear daughter, I am proud that you have the best qualities of a woman: kindness, affection, friendship, and all this is supplemented by amazing beauty and discretion. I wish you to meet a man who will be as perfect as you.
  • Happy birthday, Dad’s daughter. You will soon grow up completely and turn from my little princess into a beautiful lady, you will find yourself a faithful friend and you will stub out of the parental home. So may your choice be the right one, happiness is always present in your life, but do not forget about parents and know that the house you always love and always expects, you have, no matter what happens.

Happy Birthday Daughter From Dad

Happy Birthday Daughter From Dad

  • Happy birthday daughter. your dad wishes you good things and happiness, joy and pleasure, prosperity and luck. May there be only clear days in your life, May your business stand still and bring success, May your heart be constantly beating in the beat of inspiration and love.
  • Dear, daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. your dad wishes you to remain always as affectionate, beloved, intelligent, kind, beautiful, sincere, bold, charming and most dear. Be healthy, daughter, happy and successful in life.

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  • Dear daughter, happy birthday to you! I wish you to go through life boldly and confidently, smiling broadly at everyone and everything whom you meet on the way. Do not give up, but in a difficult moment, remember Papa good advice and guidance – they will help you!
  • Nice and beautiful daughter, your dad congratulates you on your birthday. I wish every day to smile sincerely and laugh heartily, I always want to find a lesson for the soul and for the pleasure of the heart, I wish to live with light feelings and constantly feel happiness, I wish you never doubt your superiority and always try your own.
  • My dear girl! I wish you the birthday of the fulfillment of desires, dreams, and dreams! I wish not to be ill that you will be showered with roses, diamonds, gifts, so that you flower all your life, like the most beautiful flower, and bring people joy!
  • My daughter, dear, You are older and wiser, As a father, I wish to you: Always be brave to you. Beloved, dear,
    Never be alone. You can do everything, I know. May peace reign in your heart. May success be with you, May it lead you always. May your path is not difficult, Happiness to you forever! Happy birthday daughter.
  • Daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. You may think that you are already an adult, but for me, you will always be my little girl. I wish you unspeakable happiness, warmth, and kindness from others, devoted friends, true love, good health. With all my heart I wish you good and ease. May your cherished dreams come true, may all your life be lucky!
  • My dear daughter, may you not be small, and may the years go only forward, but in my memory forever will remain bright memories of your first steps, achievements, victories, hobbies, surprises. Dear, today I want to wish you a firm life position, the successful implementation of any of your ideas and plans, true and sincere love, impeccable taste, great and kind gifts from fate. Be really happy, daughter, and always be compelling.
  • Dear daughter, we congratulate you on your birthday. May your adult life please you with women’s happiness, love, health, successful results of the business you started. Be always beautiful, unique, charming and delicious!
  • Our beautiful and wonderful daughter, although you are already an adult, for us you still remain a little sun, the greatest happiness, and joy. Happy Birthday to you. May love inspire you with inspiration and dreams, may your life please you with high successes and achievements, may your health be strong. We wish you, dear daughter, good friends, understanding, and love of your family, great happiness in your personal life.
  • Dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. And may you be already an adult, and may the years go forward, you are still my little girl, my joy, and joy for me. I wish you, dear, good fortune and bright luck in life, magnificent mood and energy of strength, excellent health and reliable love.
  • I am very glad that my little girl has grown unnoticed in a wise, adult person. Thank you for decorating my life with your presence. Thank you for never complaining about anything, Happy birthday daughter.
  • Dear daughter! May today’s birthday remain in your memory a bright memory. We wish that in your life everything would go according to your scenario. May it all work out what you planned. And all the unwanted things will disappear according to your command. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • My dear daughter, I wish you, this already adult, true female happiness, which is expressed in becoming a happy mother, beloved and loving wife, a wonderful mistress. Be always attractive, self-confident, respected and in demand.
  • My daughter, for me there is no one more beautiful than you, I wish to remain with you this always. May others around you give happiness, And never bad happens. May each morning be clear, And friendship, joy is filled with your world.
    May your holiday be joyful, Unforgettable will be every moment.
  • There is happiness in the world – it’s you! May the dreams come true. In my soul lives love – I tell you again and again.
    You are my best Daughter, happy birthday!

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  • You’ll always be your daddy’s darling, Despite the years, forever. On the day of your birth, together with Mummy,
    Congratulations, my princess. May everything in your life come out. May misfortune not see you. The sky is smiling at you with the sun. And you’re not lowering ever.
  • My daughter, dear, You are older and wiser, As a father, I wish to you: Always be brave to you. Beloved, dear, Never be alone. You can do everything, I know May peace reign in your heart. May success be with you, May it lead you always. May your path is not difficult, Happiness to you forever! Happy birthday daughter.

Birthday Messages For Daughter From Mother

Birthday Messages For Daughter From Mother

  • Happy birthday daughter, My bright ray of sun, my droplet of dew, my inspiration and my love, my daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. With all my heart I wish to be the happiest on this planet, to love and dream, smile and sing, rejoice and strive for your desires, have fun and have reliable friends. Daughter, may everything work out the way you want. May luck and success help you in everything, and I and my support are always with you.
  • My dear daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. Remember that for your mother you will always be the most wonderful and excellent beloved girl. Sweetheart, I always want to be charged with positive energy and inspiration, never leave my heart in an atmosphere of sadness and doubt, constantly strive for your dreams and not let your happiness out of your hands.

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  • Daughter, I congratulate you on your birthday. Know that your mother will always support you and understand. My dear, I want to wish you a happy life on the path of life, bright rays of luck and prosperity. Dear, may no winds and thunderstorms break you, may nothing ever stop you from achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.
  • My beloved, my daughter, on your birthday! I wish you the most favorable days, the most real desires, the highest pleasure of life and the share of women’s always happy. Strong health, earthly joys, and considerable finances. Remain, as before, the most beautiful, beloved and desired.
  • My princess is so beautiful, today is such an important day for me, because this day gave me you – my sweet little angel! May your eyes sparkle with joy, your way illuminates only the brightest stars, the Lord protects you, and life gives you faithful friends and positive emotions! Happy birthday daughter.
  • My beloved daughter, I congratulate you, my dear, on this important date. Be beautiful, amazing, happy, loved, may your life is filled with beauty, pleasant emotions, friendly fellowship, and happiness.
  • Dear daughter! On the day of your birth, I want to wish that you are surrounded only by loving, caring, faithful people who are ready to support you at any moment and share with you both sadness and joy. All the best. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear daughter, happy birthday! Be always healthy, kind, intelligent, charming, active, blooming! May your life is filled with happiness and joy, and the sky above your head will always be sunny!
  • My dear daughter! Happy Birthday! Become a good mistress, a reliable friend, a good worker, a devoted wife, and affectionate mother. I want you to be happy, and with you, there were only good and kind people.
  • My dear daughter, happy birthday! Be always beautiful, happy, loved and appreciated by others, I wish you well, prosperity and achievement of all the goals.
  • Dearest daughter, your mother congratulates you on your birthday. I wish you, dear, great luck and success in business, sincere happiness and joy of the soul, light love and good hope of the heart, unfading beauty and charm.
  • Congratulations on your birthday, my dear daughter. your mother wishes you a beautiful life and undoubted happiness, a colorful carpet of flowers under your feet and true luck, a bright hope of the soul and strong love, sweet cherished dream and great success.
  • My wise, dear. I wish your home, peace and warmth, your soul spring and peace. In order for you to feel a special cosmic connection, how important your embrace is to me, how valuable is recognition and pride for me. Be healthy, happy and loved. Happy Birthday Daughter!
  • Happy birthday, my baby, On your special and beautiful day! I want more books to become Knowledge. May grow up prettiest all in the world, Reasonable, kinder of all, And may the most resonant on the planet, I often hear your happy laughter.
  • You are my gift from fate. I love you, little girl. I wish that dreams come true, The figure is slim. So, on your birthday, friends With you, we have fun. And their festive words were fulfilled in all things.
  • Daughter, beauty and clever girl, I congratulate you on your birthday, To make everything work out in your life.
    And I successfully wished it! To meet the good, kind and sympathetic People you are on the path of life, Well, most importantly I wish happiness to a woman, a man of love, the right one to find!
  • My dear daughter, smile! The sun touches the hand In the clear blue sky As the love of my word! May your eyes always shine. My young hands are yours, my kitten, hug! I love you my princess In my heart a lot of space! May happiness be filled with destiny Health will be, joy, beauty!
  • Daughter, my dear, Happy birthday I congratulate you, You are my princess, you are a star, About which I have long dreamed of. I love you so much, my dear daughter, And I wish you happiness, May the bad you all go away, And may the soul do not hurt the bad weather!
  • My sweet little daughter, Mom loves you so much. You become more beautiful, Every moment, day by day. Wish the birthday of Happiness of a woman to you, May the prince ride beautifully On a dashing horse for you.
  • Daughter, happy birthday, You are a light in my window, I love you very much, My dear baby, I wish you a lot of
    Success, happiness, light, Beautiful and lovely, You are no more expensive! Dream and be inspired, Find your way,
    Be gentle, Do not be strict with yourself!

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  • My dear daughter, My bright diamond, You’ve become more mature, You’re pleased with your eyes. Mom firmly and tightly embraces you, Happy birthday, dear, I wish you: A million pieces of Joy and happiness, And good luck in your life, touch your own stars.
  • Dear little daughter, you are a light in my life, Forever be happy, grow up and be beautiful, May all your desires come true And gifts from life and destiny! May the sun shine brightly in the winter in your window, At any time of the year so that everything around blooms, Dresses of the best and freshness of the face, Happy birthday daughter.

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