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Happy Birthday Cousin
Happy Birthday Cousin Images

Do you have a beloved cousin who means much more to you than a real sister or brother? Do you have sweet memories of growing up with him? and looking for birthday wishes for cousin sister or brother and you want to wish him on his special day but don’t know how to start with. Don’t worry we are here to provide happy birthday cousin quotes, wishes and messages through which you can choose the best birthday wishes for a cousin sister or brother with a beautiful message. Cousins sister and brother are both very close to us, then those who only nominally have the status of a relative.

Birthday wishes for cousin should be very personal, touching good old days of relationships and have remarkable personal nature, extremely and quite familiar, only briefly hit the topic of happy birthday cousin and holds attention that there are family affections. Make it even more special by attaching a note with a warm message in your own handwriting. Tell your cousin that you value him not only as a sister or brother but also as a friend.

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It is important to note that if you want to express your love to your cousin, then the birthday wishes for cousin sister or brother on his birthday can be the first important step. Of course, to start immediately with an only “happy birthday cousin” greeting is not worth it, but to send him beautiful quotes messages would be quite reasonable. So, you do not even have to do anything yourself, We are here to provide excellent happy birthday cousin quotes wishes for male and female messages for the birthday of your cousins. Happy birthday cousin funny messages, for cousin sister or brother are fine if he or she can accept and don’t mind on joking.

Happy Birthday Cousin Messages

happy birthday cousin images funny

  • You are truly a blessing to us all! We are happy every day to have you as our cousin. Happy birthday and always remember that we love you forever.
  • A cousin like you is one of the best gifts I have received in my entire life. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. Have a fantastic birthday party and inspire more people.
  • My dearest cousin, it’s your birthday again. Already the 30th and you’ve grown smarter since the last and in your personality, and I’m so proud of you. Have a blessed birthday with joy and have fun!
  • Today, on your birthday, I want to tell you how much you are loved and how blessed I feel that I have you in my life, Happy Birthday cousin.
  • Your presence in my life is a source of joy and happiness. My favorite cousin, I wish all dreams and wishes come true.
  • You are a blessing to us. Every day we are happy to have you in our lives. Congratulations to the 20th birthday cousin, we really love you.
  • Having a beautiful cousin like you is the best gift ever for me. You always excite me and I am grateful for that. Have a fantastic birthday, and that you live long to inspire more people in your life.
  • Happy Birthday, dear cousin! When I think of our childhood together, I have to admit that the bravest of us all has always been you! No tree was too high for you, no cellar too dark and no bathing lake too cold! You are up everywhere, down or in! And even today, hardly anything can stop you in your thirst for action! Keep this confidence in yourself, because it brings you to where you want!

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  • Today is your birthday, my dear cousin, and I congratulate you from the core of heart! It’s a nice feeling to have a family behind you that you can build on in any situation in your life. You know, we are always there for you just as you are always there for us. Enjoy this day and may it all go well!
  • At some point in our childhood, we started to build a bridge. And that bridge still exists. It is a very specific connection between us that can endure a lot. We can always find each other through them, no matter what comes. It’s a good feeling to have a friend like you, my cousin. I wish you all the best for your birthday
  • Dear cousin, today you are celebrating your birthday and therefore the start of an interesting new year! An exciting time awaits you, which will surely be fulfilled with success in the end. I’ve known you since childhood and that’s why I know one thing very well: If one contrives to do what he wants to do, then that’s you! All the best!
  • If I think of you, dear cousin, then I will inevitably remember only funny childhood memories. Whether it’s the pranks we played to the neighbors or the funny costumes we found on Grandma’s loft – there was always something to laugh with. I wish you to your birthday today that you continue to maintain this unique sense of humor and look forward to a happy new year of life!
  • Dark secrets, embarrassing moments and meaningful silence – we share much more than just genes and DNA, Happy Birthday Cousin.
  • Destiny and fate decided that we would be cousins. But we did them wrong by being best friends. Happy Birthday.
  • I’m glad you’re not my real sister. Otherwise, my parents would be proud of you as me because you are so intelligent and beautiful. Happy Birthday Cousin
  • I always wanted an amazing best friend and a beautiful sister – I have both in the form of my cousin. Happy Birthday.
  • Friends can betray you, spouses can divorce you, bosses can fire you, and colleagues can offend you. But I’m happy to have a cousin like you who will always be by my side. Happy Birthday.
  • People celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Brother’s Day and Sister’s Day. But only a few of them celebrate Cousin’s Day because they do not have a great cousin like you. Happy Birthday.
  • Even a real sister would not have been able to fill the shoes of such a careful cousin sister as you. Happy Birthday.
  • One of the many joys of being single is that I appreciate having a fantastic cousin like you in my life. Happy Birthday.
  • I’ve already told my parents that if they ever plan to give birth to another child, I want them to be just like you. Happy Birthday.
  • My heart will always be a bit empty because you have taken a small piece of it away with you. Happy Birthday.

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  • My parents never thought to have another child, because they knew that I would always find a great sister in you. Happy Birthday.
  • There is no such word as a cousin in my dictionary – it is either sister or best friend, Happy Birthday Cousin.
  • I have many cousins, but you surpass all of them! your beauty and your kindness have always fascinated me! Congratulation!
  • I send you my best wishes for your birthday; Wishing you success in your professional and own life, your health, and happiness for years to come! You grow up quickly and, as the saying goes, “life is short” so enjoy every day as it should! See you soon and enjoy your birthday and all the gifts you will have!
  • No way to miss your birthday my dear cousin. I do not see you growing old, yet you grow up and you grow slowly. you are a teenager. Enjoy your day. Kisses, your cousin who loves you.
  • Dear beautiful cousin, happy birthday! My warmest congratulations! Time passes but your humor and your intelligence remain similar. I am happy to send you my warmest wishes. See you soon your cousin.
  • A little dedication for the star of the day! And yes, it’s your birthday and as you see, I have not forgotten! Time passes so fast that it seems to me that yesterday we were playing with our legendary friends … But you become an adult now, so I wish you success, love, sincere friendships. Enjoy this sunny day that is yours and do not hesitate to call me to tell me if you like your gift, happy birthday cousin.

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister (Female)

happy birthday cousin images for her

  • My dear cousin sister! Here’s another year added to your piggy bank. May time inevitably fly in front but do not be upset, because the interesting and the best is still ahead. I wish that everything you imagined became real, that harmony reigned in your soul, and behind your back wings appeared to soar above the problems and that there was a magic key that opened all the doors.
  • Congratulations on your birthday, dear cousin. Acquire the dream, listen to your heart, trust the inner voice, do not stop at your achievements, strive for the excellent, take the leadership positions, sing from happiness, embrace sincere and bright love.
  • My dear and good sister! Today I want to once again emphasize your beauty, outer and inner and wish you the very best that can happen to a woman. May all hopes and dreams come true, Happy Birthday Cousin!
  • Happy birthday, my dear! Drive away sadness, forget about the bad, and draw only radiant and extraordinary to yourself. Always rely on the positive answer, and fly to hot countries. large your heart, for the fulfillment of long-awaited desires, good luck with co-workers and enormous satisfaction. May the waterfall of happiness and the miraculous cave of love admire and inspire you.
  • For a cousin’s sister on his birthday, I wish the inner strength and external beauty, moral stability, purposefulness, self-confidence and good luck. Be always as bright, cheerful, interesting, sweet and wonderful.
  • My cousin’s sister! Although you are not my own sister, for me these concepts are equivalent, because you are very close and dear to me a person who has a birthday today! I want to wish you never to give up on your dreams and desires, always try to do everything 100 percent, also rampantly enjoy life and not lose your sincerity!
  • My dear cousin, on your birthday from the bottom of my heart I want to wish you smile of happiness, not doubt your strength and irresistibility, constantly follow your dreams and every day enjoy the incredible beauty of the world around you and the true happiness of your soul.

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  • Dear cousin, on your birthday I want to wish for yourself and your loved ones to be perfect, but for others – an eternal mystery. May the fortune smile you, may happiness come to your door every morning, may every moment pass in a fine mood.
  • Dear sister, I congratulate you on your birthday, I wish you happiness in love, good luck, and success, kind, sympathetic people in life, fun and joy.
  • My dear first cousin! Here comes this festive and beautiful day – the day of your birth! I congratulate you on this holiday and wish only the most positive emotions, good luck, fun, good spirits, health, activity, and energy. From myself, I promise to be always near and support in difficult life situations, happy birthday cousin!
  • Happy birthday, my dear first cousin. From the heart I want to write an interesting book of your life, filling its pages with wonderful stories, adventure stories, vivid illustrations and funny pictures. May your life be full of great opportunities, bright desires, sweet moments of excitement and great ideas.
  • Happy birthday, congratulations, dear! May your life be a holiday always, carry in itself the sun able to warm up and illuminate many lives around you. After all, we are women as a fertile soil that gives the richest fruits of the world. Be always healthy and happy!
  • Happy birthday, my cousin. May you go through the life with inspiration, dream about something wonderful and beautiful, meet the happy dawns, see off the sunsets of adventure, love your family and friends, live with cheerful mood and excellent ideas.
  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish to feel always perfectly and brilliantly, I wish to fill this world with your charming beauty and give others the sympathy of a kind soul. Be genuinely happy and truly loved.
  • Happy birthday, my dear first cousin. I wish you a favorable wind of success in life, great pleasure, and true love. May you enjoy sincere conversations with your friends for a mug of tea, may the pleasure bring happy meetings with loved ones and dear people, may every day be as wonderful, cheerful and bright as your birthday.
  • Dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you a beautiful life, unforgettable meetings, adventures and joyful emotions! Gifts, charming moments, romance, money, happiness, and success. Long life, strong family, and great work. All the best to you, my dear!

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  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you an endless stream of smiles, joy, surprises, gifts, love and good settlement. Be beautiful, valuable, necessary and important. May everything in you is reliable and orderly!
  • My beloved cousin, I congratulate on your birthday! May all the flowers of the world be at your feet. May your beauty fight, and the mind is amazing. Be healthy, active, passionate, cheerful, kind, charming and initiative. Smiles, prosperity, and joy!
  • Dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish to chirp from the happiness of the songbird, splashing in the sea of love with a goldfish. May the dream of the heart come true, may the beauty of the soul and body be endless.
  • For my cousin on your birthday, I wish all the matters of life to be happy and successful, to catch luck on all sides of the world and to find answers to all questions. Be yourself gorgeous and the soul is beautiful.
  • On my cousin’s birthday, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish you all the happiest things and fill your life with miracles in any weather and any day of the week. I want to live on a broad foot, not losing me, I want to follow my dream, not dropping the wings of hope, happy birthday cousin.

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother (Male)

happy birthday male cousin images

  • My dear cousin! Happy birthday, I congratulate you! I wish you my dear, good health, career growth, success in business and efforts, and only devoted and faithful people in life.
  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday and sincerely wish you good weather, wonderful mood, brilliant prospects, great opportunities, happy hopes and bright holidays. May you be lucky, Brother, may friendship and love inspire you.
  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish you incredible luck on the way, merry gatherings with friends, good environment for the soul, mutual understanding with loved ones, full self-realization and self-sufficiency in life, happy birthday cousin
  • Happy birthday to you, my cousin. I wish you a “sea of smiles” and a good mood. May all your dreams come true, and pleasant moments of life become an occasion for sincere joy and fun.
  • Happy birthday, my cousin. I wish you endless beauty, undoubted happiness in life, only bright bands on your path, manifestations of your talents in all its glory, wonderful moments and warm rays of love in your heart.
  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. May your life be multi-faceted and happy, even in each story there will be a happy experience and a kind emotional background. I wish you bravo in yourself to combine business qualities, a sense of style and taste, the brightness of the soul and supernatural beauty.

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  • Congratulations on a beautiful day of your birth! Be beautiful, charming, cheerful, sympathetic, loving, devoted. Luck and patience in all endeavors and endeavors. Be strong, passionate, in places reliable, and somewhere and exacting. Respect yourself and your loved ones, happy birthday cousin
  • Happy birthday, dear cousin! I wish to be self-confident, happy, healthy, successful, prosperous, charming beauty. May the reflection in the mirror always make you happy, and a dazzling smile. Congratulations!
  • Positive mood, active leisure, wonderful friends, infinite health and the most tender love. Like a battery, charge this day with smiles, congratulations, and wishes. And use it then all year. Happy birthday, dear cousin!
  • Cousin, congratulations on your birthday! I wish you a boundless, friendly, beautiful, friendly, happy universe. Faith, goodness, peace, luck, understanding, attention, love, creative success, personal achievements, fateful turns, contagious health, male attention, flights, ups, a lot of opportunities.
  • Happy birthday, my dear cousin. I wish you, dear, beautiful and wonderful days, happy and joyful events, funny and funny stories, incredible and vivid impressions, colorful and kind emotions.
  • Happy birthday, dear cousin. I wish you a sweet, chamomile field of tenderness and cornflower blue spaces of happiness, poppy grasslands of love and the magic ringing of bells. Be cheerful, brother, boldly go to your dreams and believe that everything will work out for you.
  • Dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. My dear, I wish you wonderful moments and brilliant successes, a sparkling fire of happiness in the eyes and incredible joy of the soul, fulfillment of cherished desires and good luck on the path of life.
  • Congratulations on your birthday, my dear cousin. I wish you, dear, a bright light of hope and good luck on your path, lasting beauty and undoubted happiness, an achievement of desires and fulfillment of dreams, wonderful love, and a radiant mood.
  • My brother cousin, I congratulate you heartily on your birthday. I want to wish you a stable and high position in life, good luck, and bright happiness. May on your way there will be many successful undertakings and great victories, joyful events, and colorful emotions.
  • Congratulations on your birthday, my dear cousin. May your every day start with a smile and joy, may your sunset be filled with victory and happiness, may luck follow you everywhere, may your heart warm your inspiration and love.
  • My dear sister! Congratulations on your birthday! On this wonderful holiday, I accept my warmest congratulations on the wishes of good, happiness, prosperity, health, success, joy, excellent mood, I wish to get true and reliable friends!
  • Happy birthday, my wonderful cousin. I wish high skill in any part of life, excitement and love in feelings, trust and mutual understanding in relationships, happiness and well-being in every day.
  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you beautiful and easy to write a book of your life, decorating its pages with shining pictures, happy illustrations, and colorful fragments. May you always have time for your favorite work, an interesting lesson and a fun holiday.
  • Dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want to wish you a bright light and good hope on your path, sincere feelings and bright joy, true luck and unquestionable love, incredible happiness and excellent mood.

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  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish from the heart I want a bright road to dreams and desires, good luck on the way and incredible happiness, fun of the soul and unearthly charm, eternal beauty, and brilliant success.
  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you a bright light on the path of life and good luck, brave forces and great ideas, creative ideas and great successes, wonderful inspiration and strong love.
  • May in your life there will be only reliable people, may your struggle brings pleasure, may every day become bright and sated. To the news were either good, or they did not turn out at all. May the reality adjust to your dreams, Happy Birthday Cousin!
  • My cousin, congratulate you on your birthday, wishful surprises, I wish you precious gifts. Go through life easily and boldly, be always confident in your abilities, happy and purposeful, smile, be always in the fame.
  • My dear cousin, I congratulate you on your birthday. May, as on this birthday day, so always – the sun is smiling at you, and the dark clouds, only seeing, fly away. I wish you all your most cherished desires, successes in business and, of course, great and pure love.
  • You for me have always been, like my own, my dear cousin. On your birthday I want to congratulate! I wish to live more than a hundred, prosperity, love and luck, although in life there will certainly be a place for a dream and enlightenment.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

happy birthday cousin funny images

  • Forget the past, you can do it again; forget the future, you can predict it: but do not forget this day where you can enjoy, it’s your birthday and you have to celebrate it.
  • This is the most important day for me because it reminds me of the day you came into the world and where you came into my life to make it a wonderful happy birthday cousin.
  • A friend like you is a gift from God, something very precious, rare … I only hope to merit your friendship and give you in return that assurance that you bring to my life.
  • That you are one more year or one year less, for me, it does not change anything I love you as you have always been and will love you for the rest of my life.
  • If you want to be happy for a day, choose a happy meeting for a week, choose a lover, for a lifetime, keep me as a good birthday friend.
  • On this special day, I wish you all a Happy Birthday, that inner peace, health, and success will continue to accompany you in life.
  • Happy birthday you are a big boy now be kind to your parents who love you and spoil you so much and enjoy this day full of kisses.
  • On this wonderful day, I wish you a happy birthday cousin and huge cake is waiting for you for the occasion so blow your candles and do not forget to make a wish.
  • I come to tell you what I wish you every second since the first day I met you: happiness, joy, love, prosperity but today, I wish you a happy one anniversary.

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  • I would have liked to offer you the sun the moon and the sea, the whole universe I would have liked to write you extraordinary poems worthy of the greatest poets and I have only his simple words to wish you a happy birthday love you.
  • Having a cousin like you is the best gift ever for me always inspires me and I’m grateful for that having a fantastic birthday and you can live a long time to inspire more people in your life.
  • Happy birthday, lots of happiness and good things that luck and smile are at the rendezvous and the sun lights your way.
  • A celebration is like a flower, it only lasts a few hours but it leaves in the heart a memory that nothing can tarnish everything you want for your party and much more I wish you Happy Birthday.
  • I have always wanted to have a best friend this wish became true the day I met you so on this special day I wish you all your dreams and wishes become a happy birthday.
  • Messages to put sparks in the eyes of gifts to surprise you a cake to satisfy your gluttony candles to brighten your day a wish for it to become a reality a perfect anniversary is announced.
  • Wishes for a most prosperous life and all the vows necessary for extraordinary seasons best Wishes.
  • the occasion of your feast people like you are a real wealth in my life, a constant source of joy and happiness, they are really rare pearls that I keep as a precious treasure.
  • I wish you a very happy birthday for your birthday with a lot of happiness that surrounds us every day I adore you with all my heart.
  • Despite our absence to blow with you your candles, we could not forget the day of your birthday Everyone wishes you a very happy birthday.
  • Forget the past, you can do it again; forget the future, you can predict it but do not forget that day where you can enjoy, it’s your birthday and you have to celebrate it.
  • Today is a special day that all the days of the year look like this one, that they are filled with joys and happy birthday cousin.
  • I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you to live your whole life without the slightest regret. May the dreams come true, resentment breaks, life may it be the key, and you, like now, keep on well. I love you and wish you all the most positive, kind and bright.

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  • My dear cousin! I heartily congratulate you on your birthday – a good and joyful day, in which you have looked – a kind and warm little man! I wish you success in all the things for which you undertake, may you be lucky and heavenly powers help you achieve your goals! Female happiness – deep and boundless, family warmth and coziness, joy and pleasant days in the company of beloved relatives and loyal friends!
  • Congratulations on the birthday of his wonderful cousin! I wish you much happiness, smiles, excellent mood, sun, joy, success in all your efforts! Be healthy, beautiful, loved and necessary! May everything in your life perfect!
  • Happy birthday, my cousin! I wish you that your beautiful eyes will shine with joy, and a smile will lighten the world and give everyone a good mood. May in your life will be as much fun, good, impressions, travel, good gatherings, love, peace of mind and pleasant surprises. You are a wonderful little man! Be happy!
  • Dear, golden, bright sister! Although we are cousins, I never noticed this difference and always saw in you my own soul! Today, on this extraordinary day, I want to wish you the happiest days, magical moments and always the present inspiration! In any situation, remain yourself, take care of the family and loved ones, and remain the same and beautiful, happy birthday cousin.
  • My cousin, I congratulate you, happy birthday! I want to wish you wonderful days filled with warmth and positive energy, a bright mood, health of a strong, charming beauty and gentleness, love of mutual and high. May you always have a reason for joy, everything develops well and the life path will lead you to endless happiness.
  • Happy birthday, my wonderful cousin. May in your life there will be a lot of joyful news, pleasant surprises, kind hopes, happy events, bright dreams, cheerful and unrealistically cool impressions. Be always on top, love with all your heart and just celebrate your wonderful life.

Happy Birthday Cousin Funny Quotes


  • I looked everywhere for a birthday gift that could match a person as special and perfect as you but unfortunately, I did not find this rare gift. So I send you through my message the most beautiful birthday wishes. I hope you enjoy your gift! Do not think of offering me the same for my birthday, it is out of stock.
  • Today is your birthday and it reminds me of a sweet quote from François Cavanna: “Even the most daring have their day of glory, their birthday.”
  • It’s your birthday, it seems! A match? A lighter? Nah, but we’re going to need a flamethrower to light all the candles on your cake! happy birthday cousin
  • All the words of the world, all the feelings of the world, can not express all the joy that I have to wish you a happy birthday today. Everything is so beautiful! Joy and happiness come over me thinking of your age!
  • I’m sending you something great for this special day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox with whom I spent the evening last night directed me to wish you a happy birthday!
  • And to say that yesterday you were a year younger! Time goes fast anyway! I wish you a happy birthday … until tomorrow!

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  • With age, you become stronger, bigger and more majestic … like an old oak tree! Happy birthday and I touch wood for you to live the most beautiful birthday.
  • Birthdays were created to force us to eat more cakes and drink more juices. Because to prepare for your old age 🙂
  • At your age, it seems that it is very difficult to count all the candles on your birthday cake at one time. So here, I challenge you! Happy Birthday!
  • On this birthday, I make a wish in your honor. I wish you could live to 97 years and you die murdered in your Ferrari by the husband jealous of your mistress of 20 years!
  • Happy birthday to a funny person, intelligent, beautiful, distinguished, … in short, happy birthday to a person who has some of my qualities.
  • You will only be old when you are no longer able to read this message! Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday, but I do not like birthdays, people give you funny gifts and especially write strange words on birthday cards, as you get older and decrepit. Anyway, I hope you like this card!
  • Happy birthday, Cousin do not count on me to make jokes about the fact that you’re getting older because I’m really uncomfortable with the age you have … you’re so old that I can not laugh at the top!
  • Happy Birthday. Even if I say this every year, one more year and you’ll be perfect!
  • Since this morning I do not know why but I too want to send you an SMS … but why I do not know … Ahhh if it’s your birthday! So good year!
  • No card, no gifts, no flowers, no song … it’s really retro and you’re too modern for that. So, simply: Happy birthday cousin!
  • Happy birthday and that day are as original and special as you!
  • I do not understand why everyone is so fond of birthdays. Yet it is the only day of the year that makes people age!
  • Happy birthday but be careful not to burn your house with all the candles on your cake!
  • Happy birthday I wish you Cakes without calories To maintain your weight. I wish you Exchangeable gifts To avoid mistakes. On the other hand, I do not wish you New friends Because we do not accept the competition of your friends who love you!
  • Happy Birthday You are now an apple Crumpled and wrinkled But we still love you You keep a sweet flavor And a heady perfume!
  • I want to wish my sister a cousin so that on her birthday she will fulfill her cherished wish. May your life be happy and beautiful. Health loved and loved by a number of people, respect, prosperity, success, and luck. don’t worry about your age 🙂

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  • Happy birthday, little sister, my bright man! May your sunshine never fade away, and the kind soul does not know pain and sorrow. I wish you true bliss, supreme love, inexhaustible happiness, everyday joy and variety in your personal life. Millions of roses fall at your feet, compliments are poured from the lips of the most enchanting men, a storm of feelings captures your heart, but the head remains always in pure thoughts. Congratulations, cousin!
  • Happy birthday to you, dear cousin! I really wanted to prepare for you a very large congratulation to cover all areas of life, to wish you all the most important things and forget nothing, but I could not think of anything that would really be worthy of you. Therefore, now I want to wish you all the kind, bright and positive congratulations that you have already received today and, no doubt, will receive more, have come true! I wish you joy and joy, dear!
  • Sister, I want to congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you great happiness, a bright future, an inexhaustible faith in yourself and eternal success in everything. Stay always the same sweet and friendly, you are our sun. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Dear sister, may your laughter be the loudest on your birthday, your sparkling eyes – the most hospitable – your home. I wish to come true all your dreams, may love, health, beauty, and luck become the true companions of your happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Dear Cousin, I want to wish you only the best moments and surprises from fate! That you always remain a single-minded, persevering, firm spirit! What would you find someone who will brew you coffee and bake pancakes in the mornings and who you will feel yourself in company safety!

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